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CodeStock debrief - Chris Williams

"My employer, Magenic, sent me down to Knoxville for the weekend with a slide deck, some swag, and a mission. My presentation was on XNA 2.0 and 3.0, my mission was to learn and also share my knowledge with others. I'm happy to say I  accomplished both, and had a great time in the process."

CodeStock Rocked! - Chris Love

"There were several hundred passionate geeks that came out to Pellissippi State to learn, socialize and have an all around good times, and I guess a few wanted the Master Chief helmet too!"

CodeStock - James Avery

"After my talk I spent most of the time in open spaces and participated in some great discussions around working on a Mac, going independent, and Erlang (which turned into more of a polyglot programing conversation)."

CodeStock 2008 Post-Stock - Rachel Appel

"I am absolutely thrilled that I was asked to present at CodeStock 2008, and just as thrilled to be able to participate in the excellent sessions and open spaces that were available."

Code Stock 2008 or Open Spaces done right - Todd Anglin

"One thing that Code Stock did exceptionally well- better than any .NET event I've seen to date- was stimulate very large and lively Open Spaces sessions. I've seen Open Spaces attempted at other events, but none managed to generate the level of deep conversation that emerged at Code Stock."

Codestock rocked! - Michael Eaton

"Overall, I had an awesome time at Codestock and I'll definitely go next year!  My biggest complaint? Not enough time to talk to everyone I wanted. :-\  So many smart people, so little time."

CodeStock 2008 is a Success - Lucas Hardbarger

"The most appealing thing about Codestock (to me) was that they were going to dedicate speaker rooms to the sponsors. By this I mean that each sponsor would have a speaker room named after the company. For example, there was a Data Dynamics room, a Red Gate room, a Microsoft room, etc... I thought this was really cool."

CodeStock KeyNote - Jeff Prosise, Intro to WCF - James Bender, Automation with MS Build 3.5 and Team Build 2008 - Steve Andrews  - Rick Kierner

"This weekend I have been attending CodeStock. It is a wonderful, energizing, addicting experience."

CodeStock 2008 - Retrospective - John Kellar

"The real story, in my opinion, would be the Open Spaces. There was a flurry of activity throughout the day with discussions around ORM, Erlang, F#, Running User Groups, Consulting and so much more."

CodeStock was Awesome Sauce - Doug Ware

"I was in Knoxville, Tennessee this past Saturday at CodeStock. Hat's off to Mike, Alan, and Wally, they put together a heck of an event and everyone had a great time. The show definitely had the best Open Spaces discussion I've ever seen anywhere."

The Codestock Wrap-up - Nathan Blevins

"I left Codestock w/ about 10,000 different ideas and concepts to try and, hopefully, left a few behind for others.  All in all, it was an excellent event and I look forward to next year!"

CodeStock Wrap-Up - Dylan Wolf

"Behind the scenes, I'm very happy with the commitment to selecting local speakers. I think this is going to be one of the things that sets CodeStock apart, especially as it grows. It shows a commitment not only to the industry in our area, but the people as well."

CodeStock 2008 Wrap Up! - Justin Etheredge

"For the rest of the afternoon I sat in the open spaces and participated in a two different discussions on .net user groups and Erland. Well, the Erlang discussion went a bit off topic and ended up being a very cool discussion about functional languages, databases, distributed computing, and lastly economics. Yeah, I told you that it went off a bit."

Codestock 2008 - Photos In Review - Jeff Blankenburg

"I have posted my photos from the weekend on Flickr. There's over 100 of them, ranging from my time in sessions to the parties, the after parties, and even the after-after party."

PostStock - Michael C. Neel

"1:10 pm The tents are filled with about 30,000 gnats. Freaky ones I've never seen before - they look like a mosquito but instead of a sucker for a mouth they have two little fuzzy balls. They don't bite, but no one would eat a hot dot with these guys around."

Post-Conference Comments: CodeStock and DevLink - Walter Lounsbery

"Another difference is a willingness and ability to try different things.  Both CodeStock and DevLink tried the Open Space method for self-organized sessions (conducted by Alan Stevens at both events).  I hope both conferences keep trying new things."

conferencesStream.Flush(); //Give Camp, CodeStock, devLink Wrap-up - Jay Harris

"But what really made the event were the Open Spaces, organized by Alan Stevens. We had some enlightening discussions, such as improving User Group participation, and developing in .Net on a Mac."